Trans Mission Research Festival

Trans Mission Research Festival

A three days international theatre festival

Entré: Free
Dagar: Friday 11, Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 of August
Scen: Skillinge Theatre

What is it?
Three days of performances, workshops, seminars…

The festival is based on gender equality and performing arts with professional and amateur theater groups from different
countries, specialized in this field. Local and international guests are invited to seminars and debates.

What is the goal?
International theater groups will show their work and also participate in the workshop, seminars and discussions.
They will bring new questions to the participants and guests, but may also take new visions and perspectives on their way back home.

This is a free experience, an amateur way of doing art.
You are invited to participate !

To attend the festival please register here

  • Trans Mission Research-TMR is an ongoing theater laboratory on the subject of gender balance that uses mask and theater as a questioning and experimentation vector.
  • Trans Mission Research-TMR thrives in an international framework allowing exposure as well as gaining new perspectives wherever it goes.

We are supported by Skillinge Teater, Collectif Masque, Malmö Theater Academy/Lund University and The Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet)


Company: La Casa Despierta from Spain

Day: Saturday 12th of August
Lilla teatern / stage 2

 The woman appears and feels a deep chill, gazing at the wild nature, there, so close. The wind freezes her face and ices her tears. It´s painful and quivering. Something burning rises up her belly to her chest, like a whirlwind. So far from home, it feels like home… hundred of invisible threads come out her body connecting up the earth.

Under the snow, her snow, there is an exultant life. Ice and fire in harmony.

She smiles and listens the hidden beings´ whispers. And she dreams, about women that uncover their legs in the sun. Reunited to rest and restore the magic, creating a place with its own rhythm.

“Ice in the sun” is the result of a long investigation process about the inner images that feed our psyche. It combines the therapeutic and creative work of the actress and the extensive experience of the directors with women groups of varied countries and contexts.

Inspired by icelandic and welsh tales, personal memories and Jung´s texts.

The visitors-public immerse into the installation and the resounding space inhabited by the actress who will help them open their body and perceptions looking for a new connection with desires, dreams. The “living” part within the domesticated subject that we are.

Actress: Nuria Gibert
Resounding space: Javier Campaña
Escenic space: company.
Costume: María Varona
Direction: Mariana González Roberts and Juanjo Poyg.

Mariana González Roberts is an actress, director and theater professor.
She has directed public and private companies with tours and workshops around Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Perú,  Guatemala, Serbia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Germany. She is the director of the “Iberoamerican Women in Scenic Arts Meeting” (Cadiz), “La Casa Despierta” (Sevilla) a cultural and social project; and the theater class in the Pablo de Olavide University of Sevilla.


Juan Jose Poyg Moya Integrative Psychotherapist. Expert in relational systemic therapy. Artist and teacher to interdiscipline. Scenic director. Working and investigating all art disciplines since more than 20 years as social and personal change drivers.






Company: Les Tricoteuses de Giscard from France

Day: Saturday 12th of August
Time: 17.00 – 19.00
Place: Stora teatern/Stage 1

In 1974, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, President of France, designated his Minister of Health, Ms Simone Veil, to defend in front of the French Parliament a law legalizing medical abortion.

As one knows, outside of the recognized medical system, one of the means of self-induced abortion by the pregnant woman herself is done with a knitting needle or similar device.Referring to this desperate practice, Mrs Simone Veil, was nicknamed « Giscard’s Knitter ».

Long hours of debate during which Simone Veil confronts insults and remarks while outside, anti-abortion activists finger their prayer beads. Nothing will be spared to her : threats, intimidation against her family and letters of anti-Semitic insults during three days and two nights.

To pay tribute to the remarkable and historic figure of Simone Veil, the midwifes of Clinique Jules Verne named themselves « Giscard’s Knitters ».  The team of healthcare professionals working for the maternity unit perform speeches held at the French Parliament before the final vote in the heart of the night of November 29th 1974.

The entire performance is a result of a 5 year workshop called « Ethic, Breathing, Healthcare and Dramatic Arts ». It sheds light on the « Metgesandra Breathing Method » learned and practiced by the personnel of the maternity unit of Clinique Jules Verne. It links theater and medicine thru the approach of narrative ethics.


Director: Alan Boone
Former student of the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris and the Ailey School in New York. Actor, theater, film and television actor, creator of his program for M6, Alan Boone is also a choreographer and author.He has worked with Michel Bouquet, Jean-Claude Cotillard, Sydney Pollack, Alvin Ailey, Robin Renucci, Jacques Nichet, Pierre Debauche, Antoine Vitez,
Trainer at: La Sorbonne-Nouvelle, ARIA Corsica, National Center of Circus Arts in Châlon-en-Champagne, International Mime Festivals of London and Hong Kong, State University of New York, Bricklayers Theater Company Chicago .

Professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris where he teaches the Metgesandra breathing technique. Co-founder with Catherine Jean-Joseph-Sentuc of the Mirror School partner of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in Washington and New York where he works with Kerry Kennedy.

For the medical team of La Maison de la Naissance, Clinique Jules Verne, in Nantes, he transmits the learning of deep physiological respiration according to the Metgesandra method in order to bind breath and care.


Venus Museum  – Performance
Company: Trans Mission Research from France & Collectif Masque

Day: Sunday 13th of August
The harbour of Skillinge

Director: Mariana Araoz
Writer: Marcela Obregon
Sculptures & costumes: Sylvie Berthou
Actors: Boel Larsson, Cecilia de Rico,  Harald Leander, Stefan Ridell, Peder Holm, Marcela Obregon, Helena Rohr, Sonia Haga…

The festival guests are invited to  participate in this performance

Four feminine living sculptures in four different venues in the harbour of Skillinge. Two guides lead the audience from one sculpture to the other and Androgyna, a god/goddess, tells the story. The sculptures, surrounded by an ensemble, are awakened and set in motion, when the audience arrives.

This street performance was born from experience with communities and social theatre.






Matt Trucano workshop (US)

Day: Friday 11th of August: 14.00-17.00 (the Masterclass, given to 12 participants, will be directed in front of an audience)
Lilla teatern /stage 2
Limited seats:
12 participants in the Masterclass (first come, first served)
Please register here

Within the HBTQ movement, the camp concept was a way of dealing with a heteronormative reality but what is camp today? Do we need it, whatever is it?

We will look at ideologies embedded in three important texts on camp from Susan Sontag (Notes on Camp, 1964), Charles Ludlum (Camp. 1980) , and Ian F. Svenonius (from Censorship Now!, 2015).

Looking at the political and ethical implications of Camp, we will take the autonomy to define it anew as it might serve us in 2017. We will then create a series of short pieces based Ludlum, Sontag, and Svenonius, along with songs and texts by Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles, and Gertrude Stein.

Matthew Trucano
Deadwood, South Dakota
, Director

Matt Trucano is a New York City-based theater director, educator, and activist. Working with artists of diverse backgrounds and specializations and focused on the relationship between audience and performer, he makes theater that is radically interactive, inclusive, and immediate. Director, NYC: Camino Real (The Connelly Theater), Dionysus in ’17 (Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival), The Cherry Orchard, The Wedding Party, The Glass Piano, Order and Law, The Bacchae, Faust (Columbia University). As Artistic Director of The Bricklayers (2007-2014): Ship of Fools, Don Juan in Vegas, Mother Courage and Her Children and Twelfth Night: Galaxy 4.2 (both co-productions directed by Mariana Araoz with Collectif Masque, Paris; Midwest Tours).
Other theater: Tartuffe, Pump Boys and Dinettes, The Last Five Years, The Lesson, The Odyssey of Arlecchino. Opera: Glimmerglass Festival, Minnesota Opera, Columbia University, St. Olaf College, Black Hills State University Opera Workshop. Master teacher: l’Essentiel, Viewpoints. Associate Member: Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. MFA: Columbia University. Other training: Ecole Superieur d’Art Dramatique, Conservatoire National Superieur d’Art Dramatique, Paris; BA St. Olaf College


by Mariana Araoz

11 of August Friday  17.30-19.00 and 20.30- 22.00
12 of August Saturday: 20.30- 22.30
13 of August Sunday: 10:00 -12:00
and the Performance will take place from 13.30 – 15.00
Place: Stora teatern/stage 1
Limited seats: 25 (first come, first served)
Please register here

The workshop will prepare the guests and theater groups to participate in the Venus Museum, to mark the positive effect of the festival and leave a visual artistic impact.

How to work with mask and balance in a street performance: the position of the body, the body in space, the architecture of the body, breathing, eye contact and the collective setting. From the neutral or equality mask, from a point of no balance to a point of balance. With commedia del Arte and contemporary mask – the actor unbalances and becomes the other.

Each participant will give life to a particular character and will experience a collective theatre adventure.

The workshop is led by Mariana Araoz:  born in Argentina, she is a french director, especially interested in the theme of “gender and theatre”. She often seeks to find a new format on how we communicate gender and thus using mask as a tool to break the gener barriers and preconcetions of contemporary theatre.

Mariana Araoz

Director, pedagogue and co-founder of Collectif Masque/TMR-France and Sweden.
Mariana has directed extensively in Sweden, since 2007, where her productions include “The Three penny Opera” (2007), “Antigone” (2010), “The Maids” (2011), “Eye of the Wolf” (2012), “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” (2013), “Life of Saint Olaf” (2014), “Stand up History” (2015), “The Seagull” (2014, nominated for the Theatre price “Thalia”) , “Dissection of a snowfall” (2016) with Teater Halland, Skilinge Teater, Thales Teater and Sagohuset.

Directing work in France includes  “La Rosa de la Boca” (2006),  “Fear and Misery in the Third Reich” (2007), “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2008), “Parades” (2008), “Venus Machina” (2009), “Antigone” (France and Sweden 2010, Avignon Festival 2012), “Venus Museum” (France, Sweden, 2013-14 ), “Dissection of a snowfall” (2017, Avignon Festival).

Mariana’s work in the United States includes the ongoing collaboration between Collectif Masque and The Bricklayers: “Twelfnight: galaxy 4.2” (Chicago 2008),  “Mother Courage and her children” (Chicago and Minneapolis, 2011) and her work at St. Olaf College, directing “Scapin” in 2005 and co-directing, with Gary Gisselman, “The Imaginary Invalid” in 2012.

She teaches at « Ecole de Jeu » in Paris since 2009, as well as on contracts with Conservatoire Nationale Superieure d’Art Dramatique (Paris), Columbia University (New York), Saint Olaf College and Carlton College (Minneapolis), The Institute Boris Schoukin (Moscow) and Theater Academy/Lund University (Malmö).


The Trans Mission Festival will organize open debates and seminars on the theme of Gender Politics and Power in the Performing Arts. We discuss whether the performing arts may evolve through promotion of feminine power and work on gender identities and diversity. Are the performing arts free from mainstream gender norms and stereotypes?

Place: Café scenen

Friday 11 August : 10.00-12.30

Opening debate with the board of the Trans Mission Festival:

Mariana Araoz (director, pedagogue)

Barbara Wilczek Ekholm (senior lecturer from Malmö Theatre Academy/Lund University)

Harald Leander (director, writer and actor)

Stefan Ridell (director)

Marta Cicionesi (scenographer)


Peder Holm (artistic director Skillinge Teater)

Katarina Zell (former artistic director Skillinge Teater)


Saturday 12 August : 10.00-12.30

“Gender Politics and Power in the Performing Arts”

Panel and round table seminar with:

Mariana Gonzalez Roberts (director, pedagogue)

Matthew Trucano (director)

Alan Boone (director, pedagogue and actor)

Pelle Hanaeus (actor, director, pedagogue)

Åsa Södeberg (artistic director Skånes Dansteater)

Mariana Araoz

Petra Brylander (Artistic Director of Uppsala City Theatre)


Sunday 13 August : 16.00-17.30

Trans Mission Visions: Conclusions and ideas for the next festival.

Panel and round table seminar with:

Mariana Araoz

Barbara Wilczek Ekholm

Harald Leander

Stefan Ridell

Mariana Gonzalez Roberts

Matthew Trucano

Alan Boone

Karin Johansson Mex (artistic director Skillinge Teater)

Moderator: Theresa Benér, theatre critic, Sweden



Who are we?

We are TRANS MISSION RESEARCH (TMR– Sweden and TMR-France)

The Founder
In 2002, Sweden began to implement an ambitious policy to promote gender balance in the theater in the arts and in society in general. In 2006,

Mariana Araoz, Argentinian stage director who lives in Paris, conducted a research workshop: “female mask”* in Teater Halland. For Mariana Araoz, the encounter with this  policy and the new vision of feminism and gender balance, changed her entire perspective of performing art. Trans Mission Research (TMR) was a result of this meeting.

Other collaborations followed: in Sweden (Teater Halland, Skillinge Teater, Thales Teater, Sagohuset, Teater Lacrimosa, Malmö Theater Academy, Malmö Stad Teater) in France, Romania, Spain, U.S.A. (Bricklayers) and Germany.

Mariana Araoz created  this festival program  with the Board of TMR-Sweden: Marta Cicionesi (set designer), Harald Leander (actor, writer and director),  Stefan Ridell (director), and Barbara Wilczek-Ekholm (pedagogue, choreographer, senior lecturer from Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University).

Thursday 10th of August

10th:  Arriving of the groups/registration
19h00 Peer Gynt performance (Stora scenen):
21h30 Welcome toast

Friday 11th of August

8:30 -­ 9: 30 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:45 Opening Seminar
12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
14:00 – 17:00 Master Class (USA), Fryshuset
17:30 – 19:00 Mask workshop (Stora scenen)
19:15 – 20:15 Dinner
20:30-­22:00 Venus Museum rehearsal (Stora scenen):

Saturday 12th of August:
8:30‐9:30 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:30 Seminar 2(café):
12:45-­13:45 Lunch
14:00-­‐16:00 Ice in the Sun (Spain) (Fryhuset):
1/:00 – 19:00 Les Tricoteuses de Giscard (France) (Stora scenen):
19:15-­20:15 Dinner
20:30-­22:30Venus Museum rehearsal (Stora scenen)

Sunday 13th of August:
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:45-12:00 Venus Museum rehearsal in the Harbor of Skillinge:
12:15-­13:15 Costumes preparation (very short Lunch, sandwich) (Fryshuset):
13:30-­15:00 Venus Museum performance in the Harbor of Skillinge:
16:00‐17:30 Summing Seminar-­3 (Café)
19:00‐20:30 Dinner and Feminist Cabaret
22:30 Collective Feminist Cleaning

…Fin, the end, final, finito, slut…..for this time…


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